The best Premier League football season to date?

The English Premier League soccer season has now been running for 18 years. With one or two exceptions, each season has become more and more predictable, with favorite winners, and “big four” soccer teams staying the same.
But this season has been very difficult to predict, and teams have regularly beaten each other, often with far from predictable results.

English FA Premier League is currently the largest and richest sport in the country. Football players and managers from all over the world have traveled to England to compete for what has become widely known as the best Football League in the world.

Player, Manager & Goal of the Month

However, a successful team seems to have been founded only by the richest people in the world, buying clubs and pumping endless amounts of millions of pounds into their bank accounts to buy the best football talent has to offer.

This season seems a little different from the norm though, lower teams have beaten giants, and also, teams like Tottenham and Middlesbrough have struggled to get the expected game wins.

So what has changed? Well, at the time of writing this article, the top three are as expected, with Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea flying their flags as high as ever, but now there are other teams joining them at the top such as Aston Villa and Everton.

It is not surprising to me, that both of these clubs have both served England managers for a long time, and now they are starting to get rewarded by their people, when other giant players have been fired by their managers, only to replace them with the others not long after.

Premier League fixtures

This season it has been difficult to predict Premier League results, seeing Arsenal, they have lost many matches they are expected to win, like Chelsea.

Liverpool have been the main contenders for most of the season, but they have drawn more matches then they have to do. Newly promoted Hull City have joined the Premier League fantasy football by actually going to the big four in the early part of the season and amazing everyone with the results.

Man Utd sees being set to become Premier League champions again, they are the best team in the world from what I can see, they have wealth outside most dream clubs, but they are not the Richest Clubs. Chelsea and Manchester City are among the richest soccer teams in the world, but this season looks as if they can’t buy their success.

So come on Premier League club owners, take a leaf of success at Manchester United, Aston Villa and Everton, hire an English manager whenever possible, and stand by your decision, success will follow.