Top Teams for College Football Season

We haven’t seen some strong teams from the Big 12 North because so far it seems like forever since the teams from the South have dominated the Big 12.

There is no hope of change in the near future but due to gaps in the potential of the two Divisions only increase if there are. So just like all the last years, the big team for Big 12 is part of Big 12 South.
With teams like Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech-it seems like the South is the place to be at college football this year. This is definitely the best division that exists today.

NCAA College Football Playoff Rankings

That also means that the winner of the South title will win the top 12 Championship title without a doubt. What happened in the South is what we actually have to see, as usual. So let’s look at the power packed South team that has been placed in the top 3 List for the Big 12.

Texas Longhorns – they are among the favorite picks for many experts and analysts this season. But some of them also put them slightly behind their rival Oklahoma. However, there are still those who believe that they still have a better chance of winning the Big 12 that all the others have. Their quarterback Colt McCoy was able to match Oklahoma Sam Bradford. With McCoy supported by his friend and wideout Jordan Shipley, the ‘horn might have a good chance of winning this rounded time. The entire offensive line is back too. After coach Mack Brown found a suitable tailback to stabilize the ever turbulent backfield, the horns would prove to be an unstoppable force in the current march.

College Football’s Most Valuable Teams

Oklahoma Sooners – they won Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford is making it back this season and is very confident that he is looking for Payback. Before that they made it look easy but then Florida fully directed them during BCS, proving again that Sooners lacked a defense part. Bradford is banking on the fact that the tight end of Jermain Gresham is back. Gresham is fully prepared for the NFL, making him a strong player in the team. The DeMarco Murray tailback is also one more to watch out for.

Oklahoma State Cowboys – they are a great team for the ACC or even the Great East and will route the Field entirely to make it to BCS bowls. However, they are dealing with ‘horns and Sooners in Big 12 and that’s what stops them every year. They may still breakout this season with their big offense Trio consisting of Dez Bryant’s wideout, tailback Kendall Hunter and quarterback Zac Robinson. Robinson makes for an experienced leader and together with the Cowboys have the chance to win the battle or at least make it to the finals.

The Basics of Football and Casino Sports Betting

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If you think football and casino games from Winbet are just alike, you must be mistaken because there are many differences. The simplest thing that you can compare them with is betting on sports. However, betting on sports doesn’t end with placing your bets on the game you chose. In fact, betting on sports requires strategies and planning. If you want to become a successful and trusted soccer gambling agent, then you should learn as much as you can about betting.

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